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815C  -15° to 65° C Division 1°
815C -15° to 65° C Division 1°

PTC® Bimetal Lab Thermometer °F or °C #815

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PTC® 815 Bimetal Lab Thermometer °F or °C
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PTC®'s Model 815 is designed to check precision temperatures of cal labs, data storage areas, aircraft cabins, critical food storage areas, controlled temperature stock rooms, clean rooms, laboratories, and large areas in environmental testing. The Model 815F operates across a range of 0°F to 150°F and the Model 815C across a range of -15°C to +65°C. 

The side of the instrument is perforated to allow as much airflow into the instrument as possible. Both models come complete with a reference pointer which can show a visual check of an approaching critical temperature. PTC®'s Model 815 Precision Wall Thermometer is our most accurate bimetal thermometer, featuring an accuracy of ±2°F (±1°C). These instruments are serialized, and upon request, they can be certified traceable to NIST. 

Documentation PDF: Model 815

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