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815FL 0° to 150°F
815FL 0° to 150°F

PTC® Bimetal Lab Thermometer with Lazy Hand #815FL

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PTC® 815L Bimetal Lab Thermometer with Lazy Hand °F or °C
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PTC® now offers an accurate air immersion wall thermometer with a lazy hand which will retain the maximum or minimum temperature reached. The 815FL or 815CL can be used to check for over-range occurrences in computer rooms, cold storage rooms, or anywhere temperature monitoring is essential.

The case is perforated to allow as much air flow into the instrument as possible. The thermometers have a reference pointer which can be set to highlight a particular temperature.

Along with the max or min lazy hand, this thermometer features an easy to read dial. The unit measures 3-3/4" in diameter and mounts easily with the holes on the back of the case. A desk stand is available as an accessory.

For critical temperature measurements, the 815FL or 815CL can be certified at any temperature point on the scale by PTC Metrology™. Thermometer certifications are traceable to NIST standards and calibration system is accordance with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1.

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