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DD-4-M Digital Durometer
DD-4-M Digital Durometer

Digital Durometer Type M #DD-4-M

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Type M Digital Durometer
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Available in both analog and digital, the Type M has a Sharp 30° Angle indenter with a 78 gram max spring force. Type M Durometers are intended for the testing of specimens having a thickness or cross section diameter of 1.25mm (0.050 in.)

O-ring support fixture can be used to provide for positioning and stability. The Type M specimen, when configured as an o-ring, circular band, or other irregular shape shall be at least 1.25 mm (0.05 in.) in cross-sectional diameter, unless it is known that results equivalent to the 1.25-mm (0.05-in.) values are obtained with a thinner specimen. The model ORF-1 O-Ring Kit or suitable is recommended.

The Type 3 Operating Stand (indenter to specimen) is required for all Type M Durometers. Hydraulic, pneumatic dampening, or electromechanical shall be capable of controlling the rate of descent at a maximum of 3.2 mm/s (0.125in./s) and applying a force sufficient to overcome the calibrated spring force. Manual application, Type 1 or Type 2 operating stands are not acceptable for Type M durometer operation.

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