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580 IR Oven Themometer
580 IR Oven Themometer

IR Oven and Surface Thermometer #580

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PTC® IR Oven and Surface Thermometer
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I/R thermometers must be designed to correctly measure the radiation temperature of a source. The well-known phenomena of a thermometer in the sun reading a higher temperature than the same thermometer in the shade are examples of how the two types of thermometers must differ. The air temperature can be much less than the radiation temperature, yet the sun's energy travels through the same air. PTC®'s Model 580 IR Oven Thermometer is designed for accurately measuring both radiation and surface temperatures.  

In order to obtain measurements from changing IR sources, the instrument must have a fast response. A high exposure factor and reduced thermal mass of the sensing element are critical to this design.

The Model 580 is particularly adapted for use in traveling belt type ovens. The 580 positions an ancillary hand at the highest temperature for a given cycle. A magnetic assembly holds the max hand securely so that the temperature can be read at the end of a heating cycle.  

A magnet and leaf spring assembly are available with the Models 580FM and 580CM or as a separate accessory (Part No. 310.7). The leaf spring holds the thermometer in place on nonhorizontal ferrous surfaces.

Documentation PDF: Specifications 580

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