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Recording Thermometer -50° to 250°F
Recording Thermometer -50° to 250°F

Max-Min Fahrenheit Chart Recording Thermometer -50º to 250ºF

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Max-Min Chart Recording Thermometer
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The PTC® Model 581 Max-Min Chart Recording Thermometer gives a permanent record of the total air temperature change in the area surrounding the instrument.  The instrument comes complete with an initial supply of 100 charts.

The pressure-sensitive charts are 3” (7.6 cm) in diameter and are plastic coated in white.  Temperature graduations are printed in blue.  The stainless steel stylus traces a line on the chart as the bimetallic sensor reacts to temperature changes.

This instrument does not have a clock drive and therefore does not provide a time-based recording.  For time-temperature measurement, see Model 616 or 618.

The Model 581 can be used in refrigerators, freezers, storage rooms, low-temperature ovens, greenhouses, incubators, or curing rooms.  This recording thermometer can also be used to check for drafts in the heating or cooling of rooms.

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