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575FMSS Stainless Steel Dial
575FMSS Stainless Steel Dial

PTC® Spot Check® Stainless Steel Surface Thermometer 50° to 1000° F #575FMSS

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PTC® Direct Contact Spot Check® Thermometer with Stainless Steal Dial 50° to 1000° F
Part Number: 575FMSS
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Made in the USA

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PTC® Direct Contact Spot Check® Surface Thermometers with Stainless Steel Dial 50° to 1000° F

Comes with magnet and leaf spring, min-max hands and stainless steel dial for use in a vacuum chamber. Models 575FMSS and 575CMSS feature dials with no paint or ceramics that could outgas. The dials are made with uncoated metals and etched to provide the temperature markings.

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