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Splash Proof Wireless Receiver
Splash Proof Wireless Receiver

Wireless RF Receiver and Repeater-Splash Proof RFC1000-IP69K

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Wireless RF Receiver and Repeater for Data Loggers
Part Number: RFC1000-IP69K
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What's in the box?
Splash proof, IP69K rated Wireless RF Transceiver and USB to mini USB adapter included to connect to a Windows PC.

For environments that require high pressure, high temperature wash down, MadgeTech has designed the RFC1000-IP69K. This new splash-proof transceiver can be installed directly in the wash down location, ensuring 100% communication throughout the entire process. There's extensive testing to ensure that the new RFC1000-IP69K can withstand wash down cycles using caustic chemicals, making it ideal for harsh environments. This model
includes a high powered transceiver with an IP69K ingress protection rating. The RFC1000-IP69K has a substantial transmit range, providing better performance in occluded environments such as ovens and refrigerators. The RFC1000-IP69K also includes an external antenna which is protected by a neoprene boot, allowing more flexibility with mounting positions in both orientation and proximity to metal walls.

The RFC1000-IP69K is designed to communicate between the two-way wireless data loggers and the software and can connect to a maximum of 64 data loggers. Through the use of the software and the RFC1000-IP69Ks, remote data loggers can be started, stopped and downloaded wirelessly. This time saving feature streamlines processes for maximum efficiency.

Countries approved for use, purchase and distribution of the RFC1000-IP69K:
Canada, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Honduras, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, United States, Venezuela, Vietnam

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