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Ultra Magnetic Surface Thermometer Model 550F
Ultra Magnetic Surface Thermometer Model 550F

PTC® Enclosed Ultra Magnetic Rail Thermometer -20° to 160°F #550F

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PTC® Enclosed Ultra Magnetic Rail Thermometers
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The PTC® Industrial Rail Thermometers are designed to measure surface temperatures for continuous welded or jointed rails. These thermometers meet the criteria for the AREMA specification on track maintenance.

These fully enclosed ultra-magnetic surface thermometers are the toughest yet. The Models 550F and 555F are built using quality materials using the strongest magnet ever designed for a surface thermometer. The surface thermometers were designed specifically for the rail industry for checking rail temperatures prior to welding for determining gap size.

The Gauss rating for the magnet used in this unit is a minimum of 3400. Use care as the unit will snap to the surface when attaching to ferrous materials. The Model 550F and the 555F also feature an unbreakable plastic (Lexan) lens and a red pointer for quick and easy readings.

To use, simply place the thermometer on any flat horizontal surface, or on a ferrous surface of any orientation. The surface to be measured should be clean and smooth, as more intimate contact will provide better thermal coupling. Allow approximately 5 minutes for the thermometer to come to temperature.

Documentation PDF: Rail Thermometers 550F-555F

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