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PRTemp1000D Differential Pressure
PRTemp1000D Differential Pressure

Data Logger Differential Pressure & Temperature #PRTemp1000D

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Madgetech Differential Pressure & Temperature Data Logger
Part Number: PRTemp1000D
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Key Features
  • Submersible
  • 1/4 Inch NPT Differential Fitting
  • Available in 4 Measurement Ranges

The PRTemp1000D is a rugged, submersible data logger that records ambient temperature and differential pressure. The device is designed to record over long periods of time at the user selected reading rate and has a pressure accuracy of ±.25 % over the Full-Scale Range, making the device extremely accurate. The stainless steel enclosure allows it to withstand harsh environments and the flexible cable is equipped with dual ¼ inch NPT connections for easy installation.

The PRTemp1000D is available in four pressure ranges. The pressure range determines the amount of differential pressure the device will measure between the dual ¼ inch NPT connections.

PRTemp1000D Pressure Range PSID

  • 0 to 30
  • 0 to 100
  • 0 to 300
  • 0 to 500
Documentation PDF: PRTemp1000D

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