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235 Pocket Microscope with Light
235 Pocket Microscope with Light

Pocket industrial Microscope with Light 60X Magnification Model 235

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Pocket industrial microscope with light 60X magnification.
Part Number: 235
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The Model 235 is a pocket microscope designed for such fields as engineering, geology, mineralogy, metallurgy, manufacturing, and laboratory. When the eyepiece is fully retracted the magnification is 20X. When the eyepiece is extended to 1-3/16", the magnification is approximately 40X. When the eyepiece is extended to its maximum height of 2-1/32", the magnification is approximately 60X.

  • Magnification 20X to 60X
  • Field Diameter (20X) 11/32 in. (8.7mm)
  • Light Attachment
  • Height (extended) 6-3/4 in. (17.1cm)
  • Diameter 1-1/16 in. (2.7cm)
  • Weight 6 oz. (170g)
  • Shipping Weight 2 lbs.(907g)
  • Made in the USA

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