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Pipe Surface Thermometer
Pipe Surface Thermometer

Pipe Thermometers-Spring Held Fahrenheit or Celsius

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PTC® Pipe Thermometer - Spring Held for pipe dimensions 3/4" and up
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These thermometers provide a fast, reliable, and economical method of measuring exterior, curved surfaces.

The insulating and seating cup rests on the surface of the pipe and protects the sensor from drafts or heat from other sources. The cup is made of high temperature Ryton polyphenylene sulfide thermoplastic. The bimetallic sensor is ASTM Bimetal TM-2, heat-treated and checked for permanent calibration. The design uses a small thermal mass and provides fast response and sensitivity.

Spring Held Pipe Thermometers are designed to measure, the temperature of pipes, cylinders, tanks and spindles that have O.D.'s 3/4" or more. These thermometers are specifically designed to measure the surface temperature of pipes and cylinders. For pipes having O.D.'s larger than 6", two spring kits can be combined to reach around the pipe.

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