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Peerless® Oversize Training Handcuffs #PTCCUFF-OS
Peerless® Oversize Training Handcuffs #PTCCUFF-OS

PTC® Peerless® Training Handcuffs Oversized with Quick Release #PTCCUFF-OS

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PTC Oversize Training Cuff Peerless® Chain
Part Number: PTCCUFF-OS
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Made in the USA
PTC® Patented Keyless Release Training Handcuffs Oversize Peerless® Chain
The Peerless® chain link handcuff has a new design! The Model 700 used for the Practical Training Cuff now incorporates spun rivet construction for increased strength and durability. Smooth single strand action allows for fast and efficient cuffing. The profiled edges minimize the risk of tissue and nerve injury. The Model 700 has been approved by the National Institute of Justice. It comes with a lifetime warranty for manufacture defects. 

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