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232B Industrial Microscope
232B Industrial Microscope

Industrial Microscope 20X or 40X #232B

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Universal industrial microscopes 20X or 40X magnification.
Part Number: 232B
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Made in the U.S.A.

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PTC®'s Model 232B and 232B-Metric are universal industrial microscopes that offer 20X or 40X magnification. Excellent optics provide a flat field of vision for using the measuring reticle. A rack and pinion design make focusing fast and easy. A Maglite Solitaire® flashlight delivers the illumination for this unit. The flashlight uses one standard size AAA battery. Included with instrument 

Optics 20X Magnification: Field Diameter 9/32" (7 mm) Working Distance 15/16" (24 mm)
Optics 40X Magnification: Field Diameter 9/64" (3.6 mm) Working Distance 25/32" (20 mm)

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