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HITemp140-M12 Data Logger
HITemp140-M12 Data Logger

HiTemp140-M12 Data Logger with M12 probe connector

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High Temperature Data Logger with built-in M12 Connector
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The HiTemp140-M12 is a rugged and versatile high-temperature data logger featuring an M12 probe connector. Compatible with a wide variety of M12 RTD probe styles, this data logger is capable of measuring up to 850 °C (1562 °F) (probe dependent).

All of the HiTemp140 data loggers have a watertight body enclosure made of food grade stainless steel and can be placed in environments with temperatures as high as 140 °C (284 °F). The operating range of the data logger body can be extended to higher temperatures when used with thermal barrier options and suitable probe.

The HiTemp140-M12 records and stores up to 43,690 time-stamped readings and is equipped with non-volatile solid state memory which retains data even if the battery becomes discharged.

A wide selection of compatible M12 probes are available on the market to choose from, making the HiTemp140-M12 the most dynamic data logger of its kind. With the ability to change probes as needed, this device satisfies a multitude of application needs with one powerful data logger versus the need for multiple loggers.

This data logger is capable of measuring up to 850°C (1562°F) probe dependent. 

For M-12 Connectors: Binder-USA 

Documentation PDF: HITemp140-M12

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