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Hydraulic Durometer Stand Model 7000A
Hydraulic Durometer Stand Model 7000A

Hydraulic Durometer Stand for Type A, B, O, E, Asker C

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Mass for ASTM Type A, B, O, E and Asker Type C Durometers
Part Number: 7000A
Availability: In Stock.
Made in the U.S.A.
This precisely engineered durometer stand has a hydraulic damper controlling the rate of descent smoothly, without jump or stutter. The unit is activated with a simple smooth lever control. This stand is designed for serious testing eliminating operator variability and increased accuracy and repeatability. Whether in the lab or in a production environment you will get accurate and repeatable readings you can trust.

The specimen support table is adjusted to test materials of various thicknesses. An O-ring fixture can also be used when testing O-rings. Custom fixtures are also available, please contact PTC.®

This heavy-duty stand features a solid base for stability and a one-inch diameter Stainless Steel Precision Ground Support Shaft for accurate alignment. It will accommodate both standard and pencil length durometers. It is made with high precision components throughout. Including ball bearings, sintered bronze bushings and precision machined components.

Compatible with all PTC® durometer styles and durometer ASTM types A, B, O, E and Asker Type C
The stand will accept sample materials up to 3" (76mm) thick depending on the height of the durometer used. 

Download or view the PDF: Durometer Stand Guide for compatible durometers.

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