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Durometer Stand #478-OO for e2000 511-OO Digital Durometer

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PTC® Test Stand for e2000 durometers Type OO
Part Number: 478-OO
Availability: In Stock.
Made in the U.S.A.

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This stand is for use with PTC®'s line of e2000 style durometers. The model 478-OO has a 400g weight and is for use with ASTM Type OO Durometers.

When properly used this stand and your durometer will make highly accurate hardness readings. Applies sufficient weight to assure firm contact between the presser foot and the specimen avoiding handheld fatigue.

The support table is self-aligning for use with a non-parallel material.

PTC® Durometers compatible with Test Stand 478-OO
  • 511-OO            

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