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Durometer Test Stand #477
Durometer Test Stand #477

Durometer Test Stand 5 kg Weight Type C, D, DO Pencil Durometers PTC® #477

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PTC® Test Stand for pencil durometers C, D & DO
Part Number: 477
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Made in the U.S.A.

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This stand is for use with PTC®'s line of pencil style durometers and is also fully compatible with durometers of other manufacture. The Model 477 has a 5 kg weight and is for use with ASTM Type C, D and DO pencil durometers.

The support table is self-aligning for use with a non-parallel material.
ASTM D2240 Type 1 Specimen to Indenter
  • Test Stand Provides Correct Load for ASTM Types C, D & DO
  • Increases Repeatability & Reduces User Error
  • Simplifies Hardness Testing
  • Holds PTC® Pencil Style Durometers and Other Common Pencil Style

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