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Durometer Stand #473
Durometer Stand #473

PTC® 1kg and 5kg Deadweight Durometer Test Stand #473

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PTC® Durometer test stand with deadweights (1kg and 5kg)
Part Number: 473
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Made in the U.S.A.

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The Model 473 Precision Deadweight Test Stand is designed to provide the ASTM recommended forces for use with PTC®'s line of classic or ergo style durometers and is also fully compatible with durometers of other manufacturers provided the can be mounted on an 8-32" thread. The model 473 comes with both 1kg and 5kg weights to allow the test stand to be used for ASTM Type A, B, E and O (1 Kg) and for ASTM C, D, DO (5Kg).

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