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Durometer Test Stand #471
Durometer Test Stand #471

Durometer Deadweight Test Stand A, B, & O Durometers PTC® Instruments #471

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PTC® Durometer test stand with deadweight for A, B, O and Asker C
Part Number: 471
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Made in the U.S.A.

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This Test stand is for PTC® durometer types A | B | O and Asker® C and is also fully compatible with durometers of other manufacturers. The following PTC® durometers are compatible with this test stand.

Durometer Model NumberShore Durometer Scale
306L.5 Half point accuracyA
603 Asker® CN/A
604 Asker® CN/A

The Model 471 has a 1kg weight. ASTM D2240 Type 1 Specimen to Indenter. The table is self-aligning to allow testing of nonparallel material for increased repeatability. These stands will test materials up to 3” thick. Custom stands are available for larger samples.

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