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Durometer Test Stand Model 320
Durometer Test Stand Model 320

Durometer Test Stand for Classic & Ergo Style Durometers

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PTC® Durometer Test Stand Spring Load Cell for Classic & Ergo Style Durometers
Part Number: 320
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Made in the USA

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Spring Load Cell Operating Stand ASTM D2240 Type 1 Specimen to Indentor

The Model 320 Durometer Stand is an accessory to PTC®'s line of 300 and 400 Series durometers and is also fully compatible with most durometers of other manufacture.  This precision-engineered stand has a calibrated load cell to provide the ASTM recommended forces for Types A, B, E, O and C, D, and DO. 

PTC's innovative design allows the user to lock the table perpendicular to the durometer or be used in the self-aligning mode to accommodate non-parallel material test specimens.  

Manual operation of a durometer may cause variations in the results attained. Improved repeatability may be obtained by using a mass securely affixed to the durometer and centered on the axis of the indenter. Recommended masses are 1Kg for Type A, B, E, and O durometers, 5Kg for Type C, D and DO durometers.  The stand will test materials up to 5 inches thick. Custom stands are available for larger samples. 

Documentation PDF: 320

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