1. Renfro Durometer Gauge (NAHM) PTC® Instruments
Renfro Durometer (NAHM)
Renfro Durometer (NAHM)

Renfro Durometer Gauge (NAHM) PTC® Instruments

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PTC® Renfro Durometers (Hosiery)
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PTC® Renfro Durometer
For the National Association of Hosiery Manufacturers (NAHM) 

The Renfro Durometer was designed to measure the tension in a fabric while stretched on NAHM sizing forms to accurately measure the maximum size of a sock. The durometer determines two functions. The first procedure answers the question of whether or not a sock will fit a given size form. The second procedure is used to determine the largest form the sock will fit, without reference to its specified size. This specialized durometer was created to improve technological and design improvement in the manufacture of hosiery.  

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