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PTC®'s 'Shore Scale' OOOS Durometer Model 303
PTC®'s 'Shore Scale' OOOS Durometer Model 303

Durometer Shore OOO-S PTC® Instruments Classic Style #303

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PTC® Shore OOO-S Hardness Scale Classic Durometer
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Model 303 ASTM type OOO-S Shore scale durometer measures the hardness of viscoelastic polymers. Applications include motorcycle seats, medical pads and wheelchair cushions for pressure ulcer prevention. equestrian pads, gun recoil pads, and cool gel mattresses.

What is the difference between OOO and OOO-S?

There are currently two types of OOO durometers that comply with ASTM D2240 now recognized in the industry. The two distinct OOO units differ in indenter geometry and extension as well as spring force calibration. ASTM D2240 recognizes both variations of the OOO and OOO-S.

For the best accuracy, use of this durometer with one of our accessory Test Stands is recommended. The Model 470 is compatible with this durometer.

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