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412L Non-ASTM Durometer
412L Non-ASTM Durometer

Durometer OOO PTC® Instruments Classic Style #412L (with max hand)

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PTC® OOO Scale Analog e2000 Durometer with Lazy Hand
Part Number: 412L
Availability: In Stock
This instrument features a low glare serialized dial with bold easy to read numbers. Each Durometer comes complete with test block and carrying case. This instrument is designed to be used handheld or with PTC®'s Deadweight Test Stand Model 470. The model 412L is a non ASTM standard available with a max hand.

For unique or unusual materials that are not covered by other durometer types, PTC® recommends sending a full hardness range of your material for evaluation to determine the durometer type to match your material. 

  • Accuracy of ±1 Point
  • Accessory Test Stands Available
  • Includes Precision Aluminum Test Block
  • Carrying Case
  • Range (Type OOO) 0-100 points
  • Height 4" (10.2cm)
  • Width 2¼ " (5.7cm)
  • Depth 1¾ " (4.4cm)
  • Weight 8 oz (227g)
  • Shipping Weight 3 lb (1.4kg)

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