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Durometer 306L.5 Half Point Accuracy
Durometer 306L.5 Half Point Accuracy

Durometer Half Point Type A PTC® Instruments Classic Style #306L.5

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PTC®'s new Half Point Durometer with a total accuracy of + 1/2 point
Part Number: 306L.5
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NIST/A2LA to ISO 17025 Certification included with this durometer.
Add a 1kg Load Weight or Durometer Stand
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PTC®'s new Half Point Durometer has a total accuracy of + 1/2 point for the most stringent material testing. The significant advances in polymers which are materials with characteristic mechanical and physical properties controlled by the structure and the method synthesis make this certified durometer the ultimate working lab durometer. 

A written calibration certificate A2LA to ISO 17025 is included with this durometer.

A top knob with 8-32 threads permits both easy handheld use and attachment to test stands or the accessory Model 441 1kg Constant Load Deadweight. The Model 441 will allow even more consistent measurements when taking readings.

Documentation PDF: 306L.5 Half Point Durometer

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