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 Shore DO Digital Durometer PTC® 512DO
Shore DO Digital Durometer PTC® 512DO

Durometer Dgital Shore DO PTC® e2000 #512DO (ISO 17025 Certification Included)

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PTC® Shore DO Scale Digital e2000 Durometer
Part Number: 512DO
Availability: In Stock. Calibration Certificate Included.
NIST/A2LA to ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate Included
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The ASTM type DO durometer measures the indentation hardness of Fireproof Coating, Moderately Hard Rubber, Elastomers, and Dense Textile Windings

The Digital Durometer features a large direct read LCD display, electronic max hand, USB data ports for computer compatibility, a locking feature to prevent accidental erasure of tolerances, automatic shutoff, and low battery warning.

All PTC® digital durometers come complete with Test Block, Carrying Case and an A2LA/NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate to ISO 17025 from PTC Metrology™

PTC®'s SmartCable can be added to any digital durometer. The output of the SmartCable USB Keyboard is a standard 2.0 keyboard signal. Readings can be sent to any Windows application's cursor point or highlighted cell. Works great with Mircosoft® Excel. No special software required.

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