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Shore D Durometer Model 502D
Shore D Durometer Model 502D

PTC® Shore D Scale e2000 Durometer #502D

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PTC® Shore D Scale Analog e2000 Durometer
Part Number: 502D
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Made in the USA

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Easier handling and more repeatable readings are the results of PTC®'s Ergonomic Research. The durometer is easy to grip and the 1.25 diameter base has a large landing area for increased stability and maximum repeatability.

The instrument uses a dial gauge with a full 360º scale with bold, easy to read numbers. The dial scale can easily be read to within a 1/2-point. Accuracy of the instrument is ±1 point. These durometers meet or exceed all aspects of ASTM D2240.

The 502D durometer and the 409D Ergo durometer were chosen as the standard by the Oil & Gas Industry for pipeline coating hardness.

Documentation PDF: Specifications 502D


Durometer Certification to ISO 17025
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