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511-600 SmartCable (no software required)
511-600 SmartCable (no software required)

Digital Durometer SmartCable

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When the SmartCable is plugged into the computers USB port, it provides power to the Durometer.
Part Number: 511.600 Smart Cable
Availability: In Stock.

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The output of the SmartCable is a standard USB 2.0 keyboard signal. Connecting the Smart Cable to a PC will allow the Smart Cable to be identified as a USB keyboard device that can send data to any Microsoft Windows application from the Digital Durometer.

When the SmartCable is plugged into the computers USB port, it provides power to the Durometer. As a result, there is no need to use the Durometers batteries or AC power adapter.

511-600 6 foot cable $345.00 and switch $75.00

511-620 with 20-foot cable $395.00 and switch $75.00

The output of the SmartCable USB Keyboard is a standard 2.0 keyboard signal. Readings can be sent to any Windows application's cursor point or highlighted cell. Works great with Mircosoft® Excel. No special software required.

Most gages are powered by batteries. The computer USB connection provides power to the SmartCable . As a result, the PTC® Instruments digital durometer can obtain power from the SmartCable USB keyboard or can use the separate power of its own.
  • Rotary Switch Setting. ( Internal )
  • Set to #6- Timer Delay Mode- instant reading followed by 10 seconds between readings
  • Set to #8- Continuous Readings
  • Set to #9- Continuous Readings with an interval of 10 seconds between successive readings intervals
  • Foot Switch Activated
  • Batteries or AC power are not required when Smart Cable is attached to the computer.
NOTE* The PTC® SmartCable requires the Hand Switch or the Foot Switch to send the signal to the PC. Each SmartCable comes with either a hand or foot switch.

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