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PTC® Composite Foam Durometer
PTC® Composite Foam Durometer

Durometer For Composite Foam Hardness ASTM F1957 Model 414CF

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PTC® Composite Foam Durometer
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The PTC® Model 414 Type CF Durometers are manufactured and designed to measure the indentation hardness of all generations of foam products: Freon Blown types, Water Blown types and new Composite Foams.

The instrument features a low glare aluminum serialized dial with bold, easy to read numbers. The durometer has a maximum reading hand for indicating peak readings test block and carrying case are also included.

This product meets or exceeds the current ASTM F1957 standard test method for composite foam hardness, which was created at the task group level within ASTM Committee F24 on amusement rides and devices.

Example of materials tested:

  • Amusement Ride Safety Cushions
  • Vehicle Seats
  • Dashboards
  • Headrests
  • Armrests
  • Door Panels

Documentation PDF: Specifications Sheet 414CF

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