1. Durometer Type AO PTC® Ergo Style #408AO
408AO Durometer
408AO Durometer

Durometer Type AO PTC® Instruments Ergo Style #408AO

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PTC® Shore AO Scale Ergo Durometer
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The Model 408 Durometer was selected by Lockheed Martin for the Orion Project.

America will send a new generation of explorers to Mars aboard NASA 's Orion crew exploration vehicle. Making its first flights early in the next decade, Orion is part of the Constellation Program to send human explorers back to the moon, and then onward to Mars and other destinations. 
Type AO: The Model 408AO-7619 Durometer is designed to measure Type AO hardness per ISO 7619-1 Standard.

This instrument measures the indentation hardness of vulcanized or thermoplastic rubber in low hardness range and cellular rubbers.

The Durometer comes standard with a Magnetic Max Hold hand, which will retain it's peak reading when needed. The case tapers to a 1" x 1" base to allow better access to confined areas and still meet the required minimum base area of 500 mm2. A removable top knob permits both easy handheld use or attachment to a Test Stand. 

Documentation: 408AO

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