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PTC® Foam & Sponge Rubber Durometer 302SL
PTC® Foam & Sponge Rubber Durometer 302SL

Durometer Hardness Foam & Sponge Rubber PTC® Instruments #302SL

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PTC® Foam & Sponge Rubber Durometer
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The Model 302SL Durometer Measures the Hardness of soft materials such as foam rubber, sponge rubber, cellular material and gel-like materials. This instrument can perform comparative hardness tests on foam or sponge rubber without the cost of using an indention load deflection (ILD) test machine. The PTC® Model 302SL offers a cost-effective means of checking these materials with speed, portability, and accuracy. The Model 302SL is based on the force of a variable load over an area of one square centimeter.

This instrument is simple to use and can be used in conjunction with the Model 470 Test Stand for faster and more precise testing. Several readings should be made and the results averaged. The sample should have an area of at least 1-1/4" square and be at least 3/4" thick. Thinner materials must be stacked (do not glue) to obtain this thickness.

We also offer material testing to determine the correct durometer type and style for your application at no charge.

Documentation PDF: Specifications 302SL


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