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Cannabis Growing
Cannabis Growing

Cannabis Cultivation Data Logger Solutions Package

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Madgetech CO2 and Temperature Wireless Data Logger for growing cannabis
Part Number: PTC-CCP
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Made in the USA
Included in the Cannabis Cultivation Data Logger Kit...
  1. The Element CO2 Wireless Data Logger to record carbon dioxide, humidity, and temperature levels
  2. RFC1000-CE Wireless RF transceiver/repeater, CE approved for Europe. USB to mini USB adapter & power supply 
  3. PHTemp2000 pH and Temperature Data Logger to control the pH of water and nutrients
  4. IFC200 USB Interface Cable for the pHTemp2000
  5. Standard Software version or later

    Element CO2                    RFC1000-CE                     pHTemp2000                      IFC200  

Increased CO2 levels encourage cannabis plants to grow, but too much CO2 is just as toxic to them as it is to humans. The Element CO2 allows growers to track temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels together to get a complete profile of the factors affecting their plants.      

Plants thrive best in an environment with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5. The pHTemp2000 takes the guesswork out of pH and temperature management, empowering growers with precise knowledge of their soil composition.
  • Monitor soil pH levels
  • Monitor water pH levels
Easy to use, Windows-based Software
  • Compare and analyze historical harvest data
  • Identify trends that enhance or retard growth
  • Adjust environmental parameters for future crops accordingly

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