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402D Aluminum Test Block
402D Aluminum Test Block

Durometer Aluminum Test Block ASTM Type D #402D

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Aluminum Test Block ASTM Type D for Durometer
Part Number: 402D
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PTC® recommends aluminum verification blocks be used as a field check of the durometer. They provide an indication if the durometer is mechanically sound prior to use. The block is a combination depth gauge and spring force gauge designed to provide consistent results in a wider temperature range than rubber or plastic blocks. The value of each block is measured using a certified durometer. ASTM D2240 states that test blocks are not to be used as calibration standards. The calibration procedure for a durometer includes mechanical, dimensional and force curve measurements as stated in Section 7. 

Aluminum Durometer Test Blocks Dimension: 7/16" x 2.25" x 3/4"

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