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Automatic Motorized Durometer Stand
Automatic Motorized Durometer Stand

Automatic Durometer Test Stand

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Automatic Operating Stand for Durometer Hardness Testing
Part Number: 500
Availability: In Stock.
Operating stands are ideal for repetitive, lab, R & D, or production environments. The operating stand eliminates operator error, improving accuracy, precision, repeatability, and reproducibility.

The Model 500 ASTM D2240 Type 3 automatic motorized operating stand provides constant load, controlled rate-of-descent, and application velocity, through a geared electric motor and braking mechanism that alternately lowers the durometer onto the specimen and then raises it in preparation for the next testing cycle.

The 500 operating stand is available in 2 configurations.

1. Metallic adjustment knob:
• Requires no additional mass for Types A, B, E, & O
• Requires large mass for Type C, D, & DO
• Will not accommodate OO, OOO, or OOO-S

2. Polymer adjustment knob:
• Requires small mass for Types OO, OOO, or OOO-S
• Requires medium mass for Types A, B, E, & O
• Requires large mass for Type C, D, & DO

This Stand can accommodate specimens varying in size from 0.25 to 3 inches thick depending on durometer style.

Please call Tech Support before ordering so we can make sure you receive the stand that is right for your needs. Toll-free 1.877.782.2329 - International 1.310.478.1134 or email us at [email protected]

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