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Durometer Stand Model 475
Durometer Stand Model 475

PTC® Stand for C | D | DO Durometers 475

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PTC® Durometer test stand with deadweight 5kg
Part Number: 475
Availability: In Stock.
Made in the U.S.A.
This stand is for use with PTC®'s line of classic or ergo style durometers. The Model 475 has a 5kg weight and is for use with ASTM Type C, D, and DO Durometers.

Durometer Model NumberShore Durometer Scale

ASTM D2240 Type 1 Specimen to Indenter

Precision engineered durometer stands are capable of applying the specimen to indenter in a manner that minimizes shock. When properly used, this stand and your durometer will increase repeatable hardness measurements. The table is self-aligning to allow testing of non-parallel material for increased repeatability. For the most accurate readings, a test stand should be used.
These stands will test materials up to 5” thick. Custom stands are available for larger samples.

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