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Hydraulic Durometer Stand #7000-OO for OO and OOO durometers
Hydraulic Durometer Stand #7000-OO for OO and OOO durometers

PTC® Hydraulic Durometer Stand for Type OO and OOO #7000-OO

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Mass for ASTM Type C, D and DO Durometers
Part Number: 7000-OO
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Made in the U.S.A.

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This heavy-duty stand features a solid base for stability and a one-inch diameter Stainless Steel Precision Ground Support Shaft for accurate alignment. It will accommodate both standard and pencil length durometers. It is made with high precision components throughout. Including ball bearings, sintered bronze bushings and precision machined components.

Compatible with all PTC® durometer styles and durometer ASTM types OO and OOO
The stand will accept sample materials up to 3" (76mm) thick depending on the height of the durometer used.

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