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50306-K Probe
50306-K Probe

Temperature Probe with clip and 43" cable 50306-K

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Cooper-Atkins Oven, Freezer or Cooler with clip and 43" cable 50306-K
Part Number: 50306-K
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High Temperature cable makes this probe ideal for use in ovens and hot holding cabinets. Also used in freezers or coolers. Clip can be secured to a rack inside. Probe features a SS shield that protects sensor from touching the inside wall of an oven that could convey a false air temperature. Clip for easy mounting and durable cable that will withstand most door closures. 

  • Temperature Range -100° to 600°F / -73° to 316°C
  • Max Temp Probe 600°F / 316°C
  • Max Temp Cable 600°F / 316°C
  • Shaft Length 2.125" (54mm)
  • Shaft Diameter .25" (6.4mm)
  • Response Time 10 seconds in 5 m/sec air stream

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