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415C with Steel Test Blocks
415C with Steel Test Blocks

PTC® Steel Hardness Tester C - Drill Press Mount

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Steel Hardness Tester Rockwell C
Part Number: 415C
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The Model 415C Metal Hardness Tester is designed for use in machine shops, laboratories and by inspection and quality control personnel, heat treaters, tool and die makers, mechanics,welders metallurgists, etc. This unique instrument is the easiest and most economical way of grading and checking various metals in the equivalent Rockwell C Scale range of 20 to 67HRC.

The chassis is made from aerospace aluminum, which houses a high precision displacement gauge. The shank at the top is used to hold the instrument in a mill, drill press, or lathe chuck. The lower end contains the indenter and mainspring.

The impression made by the indenter in the metal being tested is very small and is equivalent to a superficial examination in size. The travel of the indenter, caused by the resistance of the metal sample surface, results in the dial readout in equivalent Rockwell C Scale. Minimum sample thickness is 0.025 for most materials. If the indenter does not make a dimple on the opposite side, the material is thick enough for accurate testing.

The instrument comes complete with two Test Blocks (316.29H & 316.29L), Hardness Conversion Chart, and Carrying Case.

Documentation PDF: 415C

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