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Portable Steel Hardness Tester PTC® #316

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Portable Steel Hardness Tester
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The Portable Steel Hardness Tester measures the hardness of metals in the range of 20 to 65 HRC on the equivalent Rockwell C Scale. The instrument is fully portable and easy to use. It can easily be carried anywhere an accurate hardness test is required.

The slim design of the microscope allows the user to test in tight spaces which are not accessible to bench testers. The handheld automatic indenter is used to make a small indentation in the piece to be tested. The microscope is then used to directly "read" the hardness from the size of the impression on its equivalent Rockwell C Scale. Certification of the microscope and/or calibrated test block using standards calibrated traceable to NIST are available upon request for nominal fees.

PTC® s Model 316 includes a hand-held impact indenter, an illuminated 60X measuring microscope, batteries, test block, hardness conversion chart, instructions, and carrying case.

Documentation PDF: Specifications Model 316

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