PTC® Surface Thermometers: Tab Mount Dual Scale with Single Ancillary Hand

Two types of tabs are available for these thermometers. Tab 1 is for on-surface mounting and Tab 2 for in-surface mounting. The drawings show both methods of mounting. For in-surface mounting, a hole, 1/8" in diameter by 1/4" deep is machined in the part to be measured. Holes also need to be drilled for mounting screws. The tabs are provided with holes for the screws. To order Tab Mount #2, please call us toll free 877.782.2329 Made in the U.S.A.

Available options for this thermometer are Tab Mount Dual Scale or Tab Mount Dual Scale with Max-Min Hands

For permanent installation on non-horizontal, nonferrous surfaces.

Specifications For Tab Mount Surface Thermometers

If you require written NIST/A2LA ISO 17025 3 point certification, order thermometer with certification. Price $135.00

312DST1L $55.50

Fahrenheit(Temperature Range F 0° to 250°) Celcius(Temperature Range C -20° to +120°)

313DST1L $55.50

Fahrenheit (Temperature Range F 0° to 500°) Celcius(Temperature Range F -20° to +250°)

314DST1L $55.50

Fahrenheit (Temperature Range F 50° to 750°) Celcius(Temperature Range C 10° to 400°)

315DST1L $55.50

Fahrenheit (Temperature Range F 0° to 150°) Celcius (Temperature Range C -10° to +65°)