Food Service Thermometers

PTC® Instruments now offers thermometers from Cooper-Atkins for the food service industry. Quality and economy combined in temperature measurement.


PTC® 570 Series Direct Contact Griddle Thermometers


These instruments come in fahrenheit and celcius temperature ranges and can be used for such applications as hot plates and griddles.

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Cooper-Atkins 2237-04-8 Expresso Thermometer (Dual Scale)


Temperature Range 0° to 220°F and -10° to 104° C

The key to steaming milk is to build volume before it gets too hot. A 1-3/4" / 4.5 cm dial with proper froth zone on a 7" / 17.8 cm stem that allows for accurate measurment when using the adjustable stainless steel vessel clip.

Technical Data


Cooper-Atkins 1246 series features a field calibration hex wrench. NSF Certified


Temperature Ranges
  • -40° to 180°F
  • 0° to 220°F
  • 50° to 550°F

Technical Data (PDF)