Digital Thermometers

12207 Min/Max Alarm Digital Thermometer


Temperature Range...Internal Sensor: 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)
External Sensor: -58°F to 158°F (-50°C to 70°C)

This Thermometer monitors air temperature levels inside freezers, refrigerators, display cases, water tanks, aquariums, and coolers with the Min/Max Alarm Digital Thermometer. For a spot check or permanent installation, the Min/Max is an economical and convenient QA tool.

Specifications Digital Thermometer Alarm

Digital Thermometer with Clock and Timer DTT361


Temperature Range 32° to 392°F and 0° to 200° C

The DTT361 Cooking Thermo-Timer monitors internal temperatures of food cooking in your oven. Heat resistant, stainless steel probe that inserts into the food while the oven door closes tightly over its specially designed silicone-jacketed probe cord. The cord will not fray or allow moisture to penetrate inside. Once the desired temperature and / or time setting is reached, an alarm sounds.

Specifications Digital Thermometer with Clock and Timer

9335A Replacement Probe with Overmolded Stem, for DTT361 Thermometer/Timer


The DTT361 Cooking Thermo/Timer has gained popularity since it monitors internal temperatures of items cooking in your oven without opening the oven door. If needed, our replacement probe will help keep the DTT361 a favorite tool in your kitchen. The specially designed silicone-jacketed probe keeps moisture out and protects the cable.

Specifications Replacement Probe

Digital Waterproof Probe Thermometer 11050


Digital Waterproof Thermometer
Temperature Range -58° to 392°F and -50° to 200°C

Use the Waterproof Lollipop Min/Max Thermometer to verify dishwasher temperature, ensuring that your cookware and dishes have been properly sanitized. The thermometer is completely waterproof for repeated commercial dishwasher use. It can be used where steam or condensation is a problem, or it can be completely submerged into water.

Specifications Digital Waterproof Thermometer

Digital Pocket Probe Thermometer 11061


Digital Pocket Thermometer
Temperature Range -40° to 311°F and -40° to 155° C

The unigue next generation Digital Pocket Probe Thermometer is engineered to set the industry standard for accuracy, durability and readability.

Its high-visibility yellow case makes it easier to spot, reducing the chance of leaving it at a job site. The thermometer comes with a rotating pocket clip, sealed unibody construction, and an IP 56 waterproof rating. It is RoHS-compliant, N.I.S.T. traceable and with CE Mark.

Specifications Digital Pocket Probe Thermometer

Jumbo Display Digital Probe Thermometer 11063


Digital Probe Thermometer
Temperature Range -40° to 311°F and -40° to 155° C

The FlashCheck Jumbo Display Digital Probe Thermometer is a fast and accurate tool for use in quality control temperature checking of food and non-food items. The thermometer has a large, highly visible 1.5" x 0.5" (38mm x 12.7mm) LCD display, IP56-rated waterproofing and a small diameter probe that is ideal for checking temperature of “thin masses” of food, such as hamburger patties and chick/fish fillets, as recommended by FDA Food Code 4-302.12(B).

Specifications Digital Probe Thermometer

Digital Pocket Test Swivel Head DPS300


Temperature Range -58° to 302°F

Cooper-Atkins DPS300 Unique Swivel Head turns 30° 60° or 90°

Digital Pocket Test Swivel Head with 5" Stem DPS300-01


Temperature Range -40° to 302°F and -40° to 150°C

Most Digital Pocket Tests in today's market either don't have a swivel head, or swivel 90° or less. The unique DPS300-01 allows you to swivel 90° in either direction for a total of 180°. This Swivel Head design will stop at 30°, 45°, 60° or 90° increments, in both directions, allowing for easier temperature readings at any angle. It has a Stainless Steel stem with a Reduced Tip Design which gives you faster response times. A protective pocket sheath is included.

Technical Data

Frozen Food Thermometer QC450


Temperature Range -40° to 450°F

Cooper-Atkins Frozen Food Thermometer with automatic shut-off.

Dishwasher Safe Waterproof Thermometer DFP450W


Temperature Range -40° to 450°F and -40° to 300° C

The DFP450W Digital Pocket Test with adjustable Temperature Alarm was specifically designed for the harshest foodservice environments. The Instrument can be programmed to provide a visual alarm (blinking display) once the set temperature is reached. The initial default alarm temperature is 140°F (60°C). Potentially hazardous mercury thermometers are often used to check the extreme water temperature of commercial dish water. Eliminate the risk of a mercury spill; the DFP450W stores the maximum heat registered and is waterproof. Guaranteed Accurate for Life means there is no need of field adjusting of calibration settings and no risk of introducing error into the instrument.

Technical Data

Waterproof Digital Thermometer DPP400W


Temperature Range -40° to 392°F and -40° to 200° C

Cooper-Atkins DPP400W Waterproof Digital Thermometer with max-min hold and NSF Certification

A pocket test thermometer will take the guesswork out of cooking and assures that a safe temperature has been reached to destroy harmful bacteria.

Technical Data (PDF)

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