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Durometer Repair & Calibration

Type A...Model Number 201, 211, 306L, 480, 501A, 511A
For soft rubber, Elastomers, Waxes, Printing Rollers twc

Type AO...Model Number 408AO
This instrument measures the indentation hardness of vulcanized or thermoplastic rubber in low hardness range and cellular rubbers.

Type B...Model Number 201B, 211B, 306BL, 408B, 501B, 511B
For Moderately hard rubber, elastomers, paper products, fibrous materials

Type C...Model Number 202C, 212C, 307CL, 409C, 502C, 512C
For Medium hard rubber, Elastomers, and Thermoplastics

ASKER C...Model Number 601, 603, 604, 611
For soft rubber, sponge and plastic foam, elastomers, and similar materials

Type D...Model Number 202, 212, 307L, 409, 502D, 512D
For hard rubber and plastics

Type DO... Model Number 202DO, 212DO, 413, 502DO, 512DO
For Dense textile windings, moderately hard rubber, elastomers

Type E...Model Number 408E, 501E, 511E
For Medium density textile windings, soft rubber, foamed elastomers, wound threads, yarn

For Foam Rubber Products and Plastic Foams

Type O...Model Number 201/O, 211/O, 410, 501/O, 511/O
For Soft rubber, elastomers, and very soft plastics

Type OO...Model Number 203, 411, 511/OO
For Foam and Sponge Rubber, Elastomers and Textile Windings

Type OOO...Model Number 412, 412L
For Very Soft Materials Open Cell Foam & Sponge Rubber

Type SL...Model Number 302SL
For Foam & Sponge Rubber

Drywall...Model Number 414USG
Drywall Durometer

Composite Foam...Model Number 414CF
Composite Foam Durometer

Racing Tire...Model Number 306RL
Racing Tire Durometer

Crab & Lobster...Model Number 307LCRBIV, 307HF, 307LOB
Shell Fish Durometer

Durometer Stands
Durometer Deadweight Test Stands...Model Number 470, 471, 473, 475, 476, 477, 478, 479

Durometer Constaloader™ Stands...Model Number 472, 474

Durometer Springload Stands...Model Number 320

Durometer Technical Specifications

Durometer Certification

Durometer Repair


Surface Thermometers...

Digital Pipe Thermometer... Model Number 40051

Dual Magnet Surface Thermometers... Model Number 312C, 312F, 313C, 313F, 314C, 314F, 315C, 315F

Dual Magnet Surface Thermometers with Max-Min Ancillary Hands
Dual Magnet Surface Thermometers with Single Ancillary Hand
Dual Magnet Surface Thermometers with Dual Scale: Fahrenheit & Celcius
Dual Magnet / Dual Scale Surface Thermometers with Max-Min Ancillary Hands
Dual Magnet / Dual Scale Surface Thermometers with Single Ancillary Hand

Fully Enclosed Thermometers... Model Number 309C, 309F, 310C, 310F, 311C, 311F

Industrail Rail Thermometers... ModeL Number 313CRR, 313FRR, 314CRR, 314FRR, 315CRR, 315FRR, 330CRR, 330FRR, 350CRR, 350FRR

Industrail Rail Thermometers with Ancillary Hand
Industrail Rail Thermometers with Max-Min Hands

I/R Oven Thermometers... Model Number 580C, 580F, 580CM, 580FM

Miniature Spot Check® Thermometers... Model Number 674C, 674F, 675C, 675F, 676C, 676F

Pipe Thermometers Clip-On... Model Number 483CM, 483FM, 484CM, 484FM, 485CM, 485FM

Pipe Thermometers Spring Held...Model Number 483C, 483F, 486C, 486F, 487C, 487F, 488C, 488F

Spot Check® Thermometers... Model Number 570F, 571C, 571F, 572C, 572F, 573C, 573F

Spot Check® Thermometers with Magnet & Leaf Spring
Spot Check® Thermometers with Max-Min Ancillary Hands
Spot Check® Thermometers with Stainless Steel Dials... Model Number 575CMSS, 575FMSS

Tab Mount Thermometer (No Magnets)...Model Number 312CT1, 312FT1, 313CT1, 313FT1, 314CT1, 314FT1, 315CT1, 315FT1, 330CT1, 330FT1

Tab Mount w/Ancillary Hand (No Magnets)
Tab Mount w/Max-Min Hands (No Magnets)
Tab Mount Dual Scale (No Magnets)
Tab Mount Dual Scale with Single Ancillary Hand (No Magnets)
Tab Mount Dual Scale with Max-Min Ancillary Hands (No Magnets)

Tank Thermometer... Model Number 520-315C, 520-315F, 520-312C, 520-312F, 520-350C, 520-350F

Surface Thermometer Certification

Infrared Thermometers
Infrared Thermometer Certification

Lab Thermometers
Precision Wall Thermometers...Model Number 815C, 815F

Air Immersion Thermometers...Model Number 818F, 819F, 820F

Time Track Recording Thermometer...Model Number 616-24 Hour or 7 Day
Time Track Recording Charts

Air Temperature Certification

Bimetal Stem Thermometers

Pocket Stem Thermometers...Model Number 134SP160F, 134SP125F, 134SP220F, 134SP70C

Stainless Steel Stem Thermometers...Model Number 0.70, 0.71, 0.72, 0.73, 0.74, 0.76, 0.77, 0.78

Digital Thermometers

Digital Thermometers-Cooper Atkins...Model Number 35132, 35135, 35140, 35200, 35232, 35235, 35240, 32311-K, 32322-K

Digital Probes...Model Number 50209-K, 50335-K, 50014-K, 50012-K, 50208-K, 50415-K, 50306-K, 50101-K

Digital Food Service Thermometers...Model Number DTT361

Digital Food Service Probes...Model Number 50209-K, 50335K, 50014-K, 50012-K, 50208-K, 50415-K, 50306-K, 501-1-K

Digital Stem Thermometers...Model Number DPS300, DFP450W, QC450, DPP400W

Analog Thermometers

Food Service Thermometers (Analog)...Model Number 2237-048, 1246-01, 1246-02, 1246-03, PTC® 570 Series

In-Transit Recording Thermometers (Analog)...

Temperature & Humidity Chart Recorders

Thermometer/Hygrometer...Model Number 13307

Melting Point Meter...Model Number 333FC

Templates & Thermo Labels

Data Loggers

Data Loggers-Recording Temperature
Data Loggers-Recording Pressure & Temperature
Data Loggers-Recording Pressure, Humidity & Temperature
Data Loggers-Recording Pressure, Humidity & Temperature with LCD Display
Data Loggers-Recording Humidity & Temperature
Data Loggers-Recording Humidity & Temperature with LCD Display
Data Loggers-Recording Shock
Data Loggers-Recording Voltage & Current
Data Loggers-Recording pH & Temperature
Data Loggers-Wireless
Data Loggers with LCD Display
Data Logger Software
Data Logger Interface Cables

Steel Hardness Testers

316 Portable Steel Hardness Tester-Rockwell C
415 Steel Hardness Tester Rockwell B-Drill Press or Mill Mounted
415 Steel Hardness Tester Rockwell C-Drill Press or Mill Mounted
450 Brinell Scope
Steel Hardness Conversion Chart

Optical Instruments


Pressure Gauges

Guide & Range Chart
General Purpose
Process Guages
Test Guages
Low Pressure Guages
Industrial Guages
Industrial SS Fillable Guages
Heavy Duty Guages