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Durometer Test Stand Spring Load Cell

The Model 320 Durometer Stand is an accessory to PTC®'s line of 300 and 400 Series durometers, and is also fully compatible with most durometers of other manufacture with a threaded top. This precision engineered stand has a calibrated load cell to provide the ASTM recommended forces for Types A,B,C,D,DO, E or O. The table is self aligning to allow testing of materials with nonparallel top and bottom surfaces. Manual operation of a durometer will cause variations in the results attained. Improved repeatability may be obtained by using a mass securely affixed to the durometer and centered on the axis of the indenter.

Test Stands can be custom engineered for measuring unique items or materials. Contact us with your specifications, we can design a test stand and durometer for your application.

320 SPRING LOAD CELL STAND for Classic & Ergo Style Durometers Type A, B, C, D, DO, E or O.


  • Selectable Spring Force from A to D
  • Increase Repeatability Reduce Operator Error
  • One Stand with Two Spring Forces
  • NIST Certification available
  • ASTM Recommended Spring Force 1kg and 5 kg
Specifications and Operating Instructions Durometer Stand 320