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Data Loggers - Humidity / Temperature

PTC® Instruments offers MadgeTech® data loggers for various applications. Our data loggers interface with personal computers and laptops and are operated world wide using Windows based software designed to activate the logger and to view and analyze the collected data. Questions? Contact us:

All Data Loggers require a Software Support Kit

NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate Available PTC Metrology™ Calibration Laboratory

RHTemp1000 Humidity and Temperature Data Logger

Data Logger-Humidity-Temperature-Water-Resistant-RHTemp1000-PTC-Instruments

RHTemp1000IS Humidity and Temperature Data Logger Intrinsically Safe

Data Logger-Humidity-Temperature-Intrinsically-Safe-RHTemp1000IS-Calibration-Certificate-PTC-Instruments

RHTEMP101A Humidity and Temperature Data Logger


PRHTemp101A Pressure, Humidity & Temperature Data Logger


PRHTemp2000 Pressure, Humidity & Temperature Recorder with LCD Display


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Data Logger Humidity
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